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Hearing from our diverse community is a critical part of this equity work in the TDSB. It’s important that we hear from people’s varied perspectives, their ideas and thoughts, their backgrounds and experiences because in this way, we better understand the fabric of our community. Here, we share stories from our community. Interested in sharing yours? Reach out





David and Mary Thomson CI

Don’t judge me by my appearance. I’m a young, Black African man with African ancestors running through my veins. And I wear my hair in dreads for religious purposes. I’m a kid that believes in myself.



Terrance Saunders

Grade 8 Teacher, Lawrence Heights Middle School

I remember placing a statement from Brazilian author Jorge Amado in my classroom, to remind me of what I had to do each day: “There is no vacation in the school of life” (Amado, Tent of Miracles).



Cherilyn Scobie

Centrally Assigned Principal

Although I loved my job, community, and the students and staff that I was blessed to serve, I wondered if I was doing enough. I admit that I wanted to throw in the towel but feared the repercussions. But suddenly, there was a shift.



Jeewan Chanicka

Superintendent of Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

My journey to education was not a direct one. It was, in fact, a guidance counsellor – Manuela Filoso – who saw me working with students at Humber Summit MS and encouraged me to go to the Faculty of Education. So did several friends, so I went. Each day, I would think about what my role and purpose was – I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives.



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