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FAQ About Redirections

Q1: Why is there a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) sign in front of a new residential development?

The address of this new development is assigned to a specific elementary, middle, and secondary school. One or more of these schools may be full or is expected to be full by the time the development is completed.

The sign is placed on the development site to provide advanced notice that the current designated schools may change if the local school(s) are not able to accommodate the anticipated number of students.

Q2: What does the sign mean?

The TDSB’s Planning department has estimated that the number of students expected from the new development may exceed the current space available in one or more of the local schools.

The TDSB will monitor enrolment at the local school(s) and look at options to increase space at the local school such as placing portables onsite. If the creation of additional space is not possible, students may need to be bussed to other TDSB schools that have space.

Q3: Where will my child attend school?

The assigned schools for this address can be found using the “Find my School” tool available online here:

If you are planning to live at this address, the currently-designated school(s) may change if a residential development redirection is approved by the Board of Trustees.

Designated schools for this address may change in the future by Board approval if space becomes available at local schools. Please check back in the future.

Q4: Will this address always be assigned to a school outside of the local area?

No. When space becomes available at the local school, students will be able to attend their local school.

Q5: Will bussing be provided?

Bussing is provided based on distances reflected in the TDSB’s Transportation of Students Policy P020.

If the school assigned to this development is more than 1.6 km away, bussing will be provided for students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. If the school is more than 3.2 km away, TTC tickets will be provided for students from Grade 6 to 8. These distances are calculated using the local street grid to generate a “walking distance”.

For more information about bussing and eligibility, please visit the student transportation website here:

Q6: Who could I contact if I have questions about my designated school?

You could contact the Strategy and Planning department at 416-394-PLAN (7526) or

Q7: Who could I contact if I have specific questions about the development?

You could contact the developer directly or the City of Toronto. You may also use the City of Toronto’s “Applications Information Centre” website below for details about current planning applications.

Alternatively, you could contact the Toronto Lands Corporation, the real estate subsidiary of the TDSB, at or at 416-393-0673.

Q8: Who is responsible for putting up and maintaining the sign about the redirection?

The developer is responsible for putting up and maintaining the sign. The Toronto District School Board provides the necessary specifications about the language and about the placement of the sign on the site.