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New and Revised Documents

New & Revised Documents

These documents have been recently developed or revised.
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Form.FAC.009 Facility Services Work Request Form (61.5 KB)
This form should be completed and submitted to the Facility Team Leader for school, fund-raised or tenant funded projects.
PR589 Vetting External Presentations (Interim) (210.2 KB)
To establish a process for vetting external presentations that propose to enhance school culture and student learning as it relates to safe, caring and inclusive schools
PR734 COVID-19 Vaccination Procedure for Employees, Trustees and Other Individuals (261.5 KB) New!
To protect the health and safety of employees, students, families, and community members from COVID-19; To ensure all schools and workplaces under the Board’s jurisdiction remain as safe as possible in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
545B Optional Attendance: Application for a Secondary Program at a School Out of Area (364 KB)
Fillable Form re PR545. For more information regarding optional attendance please contact the local school.
PR545 Optional Attendance (141.1 KB)
To outline the process for optional attendance at regular and specialized schools and programs
545A Optional Attendance: Application for an Elementary Program at a School Outside the Resident Area (228.8 KB)
Fillable Optional Attendance Form 545A (elementary)
P074 Honoraria for Trustees (37.4 KB)
To establish the components and calculation of honoraria for Trustees for the annual term of office, in accordance with the requirements as set out in section 4(1) of Ontario Regulation 357/06, Honoraria for Board Members under the Education Act.
PR666 Community Use of Board Facilities (422.3 KB)
To outline a process for providing access and use to Board facilities when not being used for Board and/or educational purposes.
666E Permit Holder Daily Vaccination Attestation (172.9 KB) New!
Form re: PR666
PR575 Access to Schools by Third Party Professionals (181.3 KB)
To provide a process by which approval may be obtained to allow a third party professional to gain access to a student’s classroom.
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