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Vocal Music Academy

The Vocal Music Academy helps shape our future musicians and artists. This unique TDSB program engages students with a passion for music and performance. Singing, creating and performing are at the core of this program, geared for boys and girls in grades 4 to 7. Students experience music from around the world and learn about the musicians and music that have shaped our world, history and cultures.

Students in the Vocal Music Academy:

  • Participate in a variety of vocal performance opportunities with a strong emphasis on ensemble singing 
  • Learn about and perform music from around the world and various historical eras 
  • Discover their creativity by writing and performing their own music
  • Learn to think critically about the music they hear, perform and create
  • Develop musicianship, artistry, self-esteem and confidence

Students are part of a culture that balances academic excellence with personal leadership, character development and innovation.

There are two Vocal Music Academies in the TDSB:

Ben Heppner Vocal Music Academy, 80 Slan Ave, Scarborough.
Downtown Vocal Music Academy of Toronto at Ryerson Community School, 96 Dennison Ave, Toronto.