Toronto District School Board
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Business Plans and Financial Reports

The documents linked from this page provide an overview of the Board’s strategic plans and key activities, as well as the TDSB’s most recent budgets and financial reports.

Years of Action

The Years of Action Plan was established to guide our work from 2013-2017 and to ensure that our focus remains on supporting students and helping them get the most from their learning at the TDSB while becoming confident, motivated and enthusiastic learners and citizens. The plan represents a commitment to continuous improvement and it involves employees at all levels of the system.

Director’s Annual Report

The Director’s Annual Report for 2015 outlines the TDSB’s key accomplishments and identifies system priorities moving forward.

Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement

Each year, the TDSB creates a Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement to set out specific goals and actions that we will take to improve student achievement and well-being in the coming year. Each goal and action detailed in the plan also includes monitoring and evaluation criteria so that we are accountable for what we set out to do.

Long Term Program and Accommodation Strategy

In 2014, Trustees approved the TDSB’s first Long Term Program and Accommodation Strategy. This 10-year work plan represents a series of accommodation studies that we will do each year to balance enrolment and address program access. 

Financial Reports:

Operating Budget

The TDSB has an annual operating budget of approximately $3 billion. We are committed to the effective use of resources to ensure that every dollar spent has a positive impact on student success and well-being. In May 2016, TDSB Trustees approved the operating budget for the 2016-17 school year. Learn more about the Board’s budget by reading Financial Facts.

Capital Budget

The TDSB’s capital budget, presented as part of the annual capital plan, covers major renovation, repairs and improvements to buildings. In June 2016, Trustees approved a 3-year capital budget that will see significant investments in schools for the future.

Financial Statements

The TDSB prepares and posts externally audited financial statements on an annual basis.