Toronto District School Board
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Combatting Hate & Racism Student Learning Strategy

Classroom Instruction

Both students and staff require tools and strategies to respond to racism, hate, bullying, and other injustices in a manner that reduces impact on those targeted and reflects a sincere and active commitment to ensuring a culture of respect for human rights in the school. The skills needed to identify an act of hate and discrimination and intervene with or on behalf of someone being attacked can be learned so that students are better able to identify when and how to intervene when they encounter these situations in their daily life. Healthy school communities exist when everyone is committed to  challenging racism and discrimination in all its forms rather than being a bystander or waiting for others to act.



Student leadership teams will participate in training to identify acts of hate and 
discrimination and learn strategies to intervene in the first year of this strategy 
supported by Learning Centres and centrally assigned staff.