Toronto District School Board
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Facility Services Update

A number of actions have been implemented to address the issues within Facility Services and to strengthen the oversight and accountability within the department. Below is a short list of the actions taken to date.

Quality Control

  • Standardized start, break and end hours for all maintenance staff.
  • Address facilities related complaints in a prompt fashion and put practices in place to prevent the reoccurrence of similar issues.
  • Conducted site visits of selected schools in order to assess and implement the repair of outstanding facilities concerns.

Accountability/Risk Management

  • Monthly monitoring of maintenance work orders to ensure that inappropriate entries are identified.
  • Added additional security to work order system to restrict the number of people that can make entries on a work order.
  • Addition of GPS to TDSB vehicles to lower fuel and maintenance costs and ensure that vehicles are used appropriately to provide the best possible service.

Staff Development

  • Development of a training database for each employee in Facility Services.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Eliminated the charge back to schools for routine maintenance.
  • Replaced aging vehicles with smaller, fuel efficient makes and models to save on operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Reorganization of Facility Services to decrease the union to management ratio and to provide supervision of maintenance staff by function.
  • Centralized all construction activities under one manager for better accountability.