Toronto District School Board
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Partnership Opportunities

The TDSB engages with organizations from many sectors to enhance student success, professional learning and the educational environment.  Our partners include community organizations, post-secondary institutions, businesses, charitable foundations, health agencies, arts organizations and social service agencies. These working relationships with external agencies are considered either educational, business and/or facilities arrangements. 

How would you like to Partner with the TDSB?

  • Provide educational programming, workshops, seminars, presentations, performances, or educational services during instructional time in schools? Complete a Partnership Proposal through the Educational Partnership Office.
  • After school programs and services delivered between 3:30 and 6:00 pm do not qualify as an educational partnership. Connect directly with the Principal of the school community in which you wish to work. Use these links for assistance in finding schools by name or by location.
  • Permit school space, outside of instructional time, Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. or on weekends? For more information visit our Permits website.
  • Engage with Parents/Caregivers and School Councils? Visit Community Liaison Groups webpage.
  • Offer sponsorships, Donations, Fundraising or Grants for TDSB-led initiatives? TDSB Employee Discounts? Distribute materials throughout TDSB?  For more information visit our Business Development website.
  • Supply products, resources or operational services for purchase by the TDSB? For more information see our Purchasing Services
  • Provide Excursion Activities and Venue? Apply to be listed on our Excursion Directory
  • Make changes to school facilities in a way that benefits the organization and the school community? Complete a Viability Review Form through the Sustainability Office.
  • Conduct research in TDSB schools? Visit our Research website for more information.
  • Create a facility partnership to lease unused school space or partner in a capital project? For more information visit our Community Planning and Partnerships website.