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Community Liaison Groups

The current TDSB policy on Parent and Community Involvement provides for formal Board recognition of parent/caregiver community groups with mandates to engage parents/caregivers on educational issues of specific interest and relevance to the group.

Criteria for becoming a CLG

To become, and or remain, a CLG of the Board organizations, groups or networks must:

  1. Demonstrate purpose and goals that are consistent with the mission and policies of the Board 
  2. Demonstrate a mandate of parent/caregiver engagement in education. 
  3. Submit regular meeting minutes to the TDSB highlighting membership of TDSB parents/guardians 
  4. Provide an open membership to parents of Board students 
  5. Submit an executive/organizational structure and key contact information 
  6. Provide a list of events/activities beyond meetings, and an annual report 

To apply for registration of your Community Liaison Group, click here Community Liaison Group Application Form.

Process to be recognized by the Board

The recognition process will entail:

  1. Submission of a partnership agreement form with appropriate supporting documentation to the Central Coordinator, Parent and Community Engagement who will review the request in consultation with the appropriate Executive Officer and the Partnership Office, prior to formalizing the partnership agreement. 
  2. Submission of a satisfactory Police Reference Check (PRC) to the PRC office of the Board. 
  3. Assignment of Central staff to liaise with the CLG by the Associate Director.  
  4. Accessibility to CLG operations, events and activities via notices of meetings through appropriate Board communication systems, where and when feasible.  
  5. Providing periodic updates to the Board on the status of CLGs.

TDSB Support for CLGs

Board supports for CLGs may include:

  1. Providing space where and when feasible. 
  2. Collaboration on events and projects where and when feasible. 
  3. Occasional financial supports, upon request for events, projects and/or initiatives that provide benefits for TDSB students and/or parents. The Board will not provide core funding or operational funding i.e., office equipment, paper, rent etc. 
  4. Providing letters of support for funding upon request where and when feasible.

Relationship to the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee

Recognized CLGs who adhere to PIAC’s By-Laws criteria will be referred to PIAC for membership.

Upon review of application the group will be contacted by staff of the Parent and Community Engagement Office. 


Current Community Liasion Groups


Bangladeshi Parents’ Community Liaison Group
Towhid Noman, OCT, Coordinator