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Education Week 2024

We are thrilled to kick off Education Week 2024 at the Toronto District School Board!

From May 6 to 10, we’ll be highlighting some of the great things happening across the TDSB that demonstrate how students, staff and the wider TDSB community achieve, belong, and thrive in revitalized environments that are inclusive, safe, and modern.

All schools and classrooms are also encouraged to share what they are up to during Education Week 2024 by using #TDSBedweek. Follow along!

Monday, May 6: Children's Mental Health Week

During Education Week, the TDSB is also observing Children’s Mental Health Week and has put together a collection of information and resources to help guide conversations and focus on the many ways we can promote well being in our schools! 

"A Call to Be Kind- Because Compassion Connects Us All" is this year’s theme with the Canadian Mental Health Association and underscores the profound impact of compassion in fostering connections among us all.

If your school is organizing activities this week, we encourage you to share your stories on social media using #tdsbcmhw2024 and #compassionconnects.

Visit the Children’s Mental Health Week web page to learn more. ­­­­­­­­­­

Tuesday, May 7: Early Years

Today we celebrate our youngest learners and focus on Early Years at the TDSB!

The early years of a child's life are critical for building a strong foundation for future success. At the TDSB, we work to provide safe, challenging and engaging environments where children can learn, develop a strong sense of belonging, and continue to thrive throughout their educational journey.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer free programs for parents, guardians, and caregivers with children from birth to age six. The centres provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating program where children can play and parents can connect. Learn more and view the schedule for program locations and times here.

Kindergarten is an exciting time and TDSB schools provide a rich learning environment for all children to learn and thrive through inquiry and intentional play-based learning. Learn more about Kindergarten at the TDSB.

Families and caregivers play an important role in developing a love of learning and preparing for school. We encourage all families to explore the Family and Caregiver website to learn more about supporting and promoting talking, reading, writing, and playing at home.

Wednesday, May 8: Elementary Schools and Outdoor Learning 

TDSB is proud to share its commitment to outdoor learning, giving students and staff the chance to nurture their love for learning by discovering the environments around them. In line with our strategic direction to 'revitalize' learning environments and promote sustainable practices, programs at the elementary level foster a deeper connection between students and the natural world.

Outdoor education offers "beyond the classroom" experiences that connect students to both the built and natural environments around them. TDSB is fortunate to host 11 programs at five overnight and five day centres. Learn more about these unique curriculum-based programs on the  Toronto Outdoor Education Centres (TOES) website.

The EcoSchools program was first launched in TDSB schools in 2003 to provide classrooms and students with an opportunity to focus on environmental education and action while enhancing the use and design of school grounds. Through EcoSchools, students and staff engage in learning about, caring for, and protecting the environment, right within their school community. Visit the  EcoSchools webpage to learn more.

Here are a few recent examples of environmental action in TDSB elementary schools: Island Public/Natural Science SchoolWoburn JPSEarl Haig PSElia MS, and Ursula Franklin.

Thursday, May 9, 2024: High School

Today, we are shining the spotlight on TDSB High Schools and the wide variety of incredible schools, programs and courses available so that every student can thrive in secondary school and beyond.


From Central Student Interest Programs that focus on areas like the Arts, Math, Science & Technology and Leadership, to Africentric Secondary Programs, Indigenous EducationAlternative Schools, Specialist High Skills Major, and more, there really is something for everyone at the TDSB.


To make the most of their high school experience, students are also encouraged to get involved outside of the classroom too. From leadership and volunteer activities, to sports and clubs, students have a number of different opportunities at the TDSB to help them find and follow their passions.  


Here are a few recent examples of the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of TDSB high school students:


Friday, May 10: Adult Learners

At TDSB, we believe that learning never stops. In the spirit of our "achieve" strategic direction, TDSB offers a range of programs to meet the diverse needs of adults at every stage of their lives and careers.

Whether you're looking to earn high school credits to further your education or career prospects, explore new interests and hobbies, or enhance your language skills, TDSB has you covered. Check out the following programs offered for Adult Learners in Toronto: