Toronto District School Board
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Policy Review

The TDSB strives to ensure that all our policies are up-to-date, accurate and consistent with the current legislation and government requirements. To achieve this objective, the Board of Trustees determined that all TDSB policies should be reviewed at least once in four years. It means that approximately 20 policies are to be reviewed annually to ensure that all 78 existing policies are updated after a 4-year cycle.

Policy reviews are initiated and driven by the Board of Trustees. The Board’s Policy Review Committee leads the TDSB’s work with policies and provides directions to staff completing policy reviews. The day-to-day management and coordination of policy reviews is assigned to the Associate Director, Business Operations and Service Excellence and the Policy Coordinator. 

In addition to planned reviews, the Board of Trustees may initiate an unscheduled review of a policy if it is required by a new legislative act or regulation, new government policy, a resolution of the Board of Trustees, or recommendation of staff.

Policy review process at the TDSB is governed by the Policy Framework (P001) and the corresponding Policy Development and Management Procedure (PR501)

The policy review process includes six phases: 

  1. planning and obtaining Trustees’ directions
  2. revision of the policy
  3. conducting internal reviews and obtaining sign-offs
  4. conducting public consultations
  5. obtaining approvals of the Board of Trustees and its Committees
  6. communication and training
The key elements of the policy review process are outlined in the Policy Review Process Flowchart and this easy-to-follow Policy Review Process Guide explains each phase within the review.