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Anti-Hate & Anti-Racism Strategy

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The TDSB’s Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Strategy is a community-led and TDSB staff facilitated initiative that uses data from the TDSB’s Racism, Bias and Hate reporting portal, which tracks incidents of racism, bias, and hate, which are submitted by staff. In turn, this data will help establish a comprehensive two-year strategy and action plan for the TDSB.

The TDSB’s Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Strategy is an umbrella strategy that also encompasses the Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Department’s Combatting Hate and Racism-Student Learning Strategy - which aims to move beyond performative responses to hate and racism. The Combatting Hate and Racism -- Student Learning Strategy became part of a multi-faceted approach to better understand and address the impact of hate and racism within the TDSB.

Overall, the Anti-Racism and Anti-Hate Strategy takes intersectional and systemic approaches with student success as the primary focus. How we address specific forms of hate, racism, and discrimination needs coherency, community partnership, and cross collaboration within the diverse groups impacted. The strategy encompasses six pillars:

  1. Affirmation of Identities
  2. Student Learning Strategy
  3. Professional Learning
  4. School-Community Relationship
  5. Employment Equity
  6. School Culture and Climate

The TDSB is committed to developing and implementing a distinct plan that addresses the incidents of hate and racism that continues to take place within the district. The TDSB aims to be responsive to the voices of communities by developing tailored action plans each based on the pillars of the strategy. This plan will allow communities to see themselves in the actions and will require ongoing collaboration and support of families, communities and partner organizations.

In April 2023, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to develop and implement a system-wide comprehensive strategy to address Islamophobia, which will further build on the work of the broader TDSB Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism Strategy.