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About Us

About Us

Each and every student is capable of success. Our focus is ensuring that all students can succeed by having access – the same access – to opportunities, learning, resources and tools; with the goal of improving the outcomes of the most marginalized students. That’s equity.

To do this, the TDSB has made a bold commitment to equity, human rights, anti-racism and anti-oppression. This sets the foundation to support those who have been traditionally and currently underserved, and will raise the bar for all students.

The Equity, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression team works with educators in schools to support co-planning with equity leadership teams to ensure that school improvement equity goals reflect these commitments and are connected to the work of achievement and well-being:

  • Professional Learning
    • Providing mandatory learning for school leadership in human rights, anti-oppression and anti-racism
    • Identifying and examining the impact of bias, power and privilege on student achievement and well-being
    • Building capacity among leaders to facilitate learning in human rights, equity and anti-oppression
    • Providing employees tools and professional resources to understand and respond effectively to various forms of discrimination
  • Transforming Student Learning
    • Making important changes to how we support underserved students, including Black and Indigenous students, through inclusive learning environments and increased opportunities.
    • Using School Improvement Planning to support school leaders to support the most marginalized students and raise the bar of excellence for all.

Centrally Assigned Principal, Salima Kassam:

Program Coordinator, Stephanie Fearon: