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Combatting Hate and Racism – Student Learning Strategy

Combatting hate and racism student learning strategy.

Hate and racism in any form has no place in schools and workplaces and we are committed to interrupting and confronting racism, discrimination and hate, in all of its forms when we see or hear it. We must continue to do everything in our ability to be more precise in our actions and strengthen our determination to eliminate all forms of hate and racism in our schools and our system.

The Student Learning Strategy for Combatting Hate and Racism is a proactive and student-centred approach to creating respectful and culturally safe learning environments for all students.

This plan is informed by our own TDSB data which shows us that prejudice and implicit bias are learned beginning at a young age. Most of the incidents of hate, bias and racism reported in the TDSB are carried out by students, and we must therefore focus greater attention on educating students to understand the current and historical roots of hatred, racism and intolerance.

This is urgent work and we must reflect on this reality and prioritize being proactive. Students and staff deserve to learn and work in an environment that is safe, inclusive and welcoming and we as a collective community must do everything in our ability to ensure that happens.

Poster Wheel for Combating Hate and Racism

Combatting Hate and Racism Poster - Accessible Alternative

If schools wish to order additional copies of the Combatting Hate And Racism- Student Learning Strategy Poster, they may do so through the Print Portal.
Suggested sizing for posters are 13x19.

Addressing Anti-Black Racism using the Combatting Hate & Racism - Student Learning Strategy at the TDSB