Toronto District School Board
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Allocate Human and Financial Resources Strategically to Support Student Needs

  • We will allocate human and financial resources to ensure that all schools and departments can support optimal student learning, based on the principles of equity and excellence.
  • We will review budget allocations to address any barriers or system biases that could negatively affect student achievement and well-being.
  • We will work to continuously renew facilities and improve services to meet the highest possible standards to accommodate the needs of students, staff and the community.

  • Action Plans

    • Budget Resource Allocation
      The Board will analyze the flexible elements of its budget in order to determine whether those resources are being used equitably, and bring that analysis to the Board of Trustees for further discussion in the winter of 2019.

    • Learning Opportunities Index
      All students need to be given equal opportunities to succeed, and that means deploying additional resources to schools where they are most needed.

      In order to better understand where students face the most challenges, the TDSB has developed the Learning Opportunities Index (LOI), which ranks schools based on a number of socioeconomic measures of their student populations.

      The Board will undertake a review of the LOI and whether it is effective in helping the Board reach its equity-driven goals, and will explore alternative resource allocation methods.

    • School Budgets and Fundraising
      Across the TDSB, there is large variation in the fundraising capacity of schools. The Board will undertake a three-year review of school budgets and fundraising in order to determine what correlation exists between these funds and student achievement and well-being.

      This review will inform recommendations to the Board, and consultations with parents, principals and teachers, that will take place in 2020.

    • Equitable Distribution of Facility Resources
      The Board will undertake a review of the distribution of outstanding repairs to school buildings in order to determine trends and identify gaps in how we allocate funds. Following the review we will develop criteria to identify criteria to identify schools in need of extra support and identify funding sources for that support.

    • Staffing Allocation
      The Board will conduct a review of its historical staffing allocations and examine whether those resources are distributed in a way that best serves all students. The results of this review will inform revisions to staffing allocation formulas so that they can be revised in time for the 2020-21 school year.