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Managing Enrolment Growth from New Residential Developments

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) operates in a very dynamic and fast-growing city; therefore, it is important to plan for the future and be adaptable. The TDSB engages in long-term planning to be flexible and accommodate continuous change.

We closely monitor Toronto’s population growth and plans for new residential developments throughout the city. We try to accommodate students at local schools. When there is no room at local schools, we look at many strategies such as closing schools to out-of-area students, adding portables on school sites, changing boundaries to shift students to underutilized schools, building additions onto existing schools, building new schools, and in some cases, even opening previously closed schools.

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Redirecting Students from New Developments

When other options are not feasible, redirecting students may be necessary. A redirection is considered when a new residential development is proposed to be constructed in an area that is served by an overcrowded school, and less disruptive options like adding portables to the site are not possible.

This means that students from new residential developments may be sent to other schools outside of the immediate area until space becomes available at local schools.

Redirections of new residential developments are a temporary solution used in some parts of the City to manage growth. The goal is to return students to their local schools in the future when space becomes available.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Redirections

Redirected Residential Addresses