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Art Collection

13 Amazing Historical Canadian Art Pieces from our own Collection - AGO Weston Family Learning Centre


The TDSB has been a collecting institution since 1847. The TDSB collection now contains over one million objects reflecting a range of media and practices, including: 

  • Natural history and archaeological objects
  • Photographic archives
  • Paper-based archives
  • First and Second World War memorials
  • Decorative arts and paintings
  • Prints and drawings 
  • The architecture of our buildings 

In 2011, the TDSB officially partnered with the Art Gallery of Ontario. Since then, more than 15,000 TDSB students have enjoyed the AGO experience which includes gallery tours and hands on studio experiences.
An important part of the partnership features the AGO providing an exclusive exhibition space in the Weston Family Learning Centre for 13 of the Board’s Canadian artworks from the TDSB collection. This area of the gallery is open and free to the public. The paintings represent a snapshot of the TDSB’s history.
In 2013, the AGO collaborated with the TDSB’s Aboriginal Education and Arts departments to develop the Expressing Aboriginal Cultures NAC 10 visual arts course. This course focuses on fostering student learning through the exchange of ideas with a focus on supporting key recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Every year, hundreds of TDSB students visit the AGO on NAC 10 Learning Days for an in-gallery program that focuses on Indigenous education through art. During this customized day of programming, students learn from, and with, Indigenous artists through live performances, workshops and discussions. This program has allowed students and teachers to engage with works by First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists in the collections and exhibitions, and has introduced new ways of teaching in the gallery.