Toronto District School Board
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At the TDSB, we’re proud to be a world leader in education. We offer innovative and engaging programs, our staff are among the best of the best, and our students continue to achieve success both inside our classrooms and beyond.

While there is a lot to be proud of at the TDSB, we also recognize that we have work to do to improve the operational side of the Board.

Since amalgamation – when seven small boards merged to form the TDSB – we’ve been making a number of changes to our structures and processes in order to find efficiencies and improve operations. As the largest school board in Canada, we operate approximately 600 schools, employ over 33,500 staff and support close to 260,000 students and 150,000 adult learners.

This section of the website is where you'll be able to access information about all of the changes we've made and are planning to make to improve operations at the TDSB. You can learn more about the recent facility services changes we've implemented, the changes we've made as a result of recommendations from reviews and audits, and the new financial management tools that are helping all departments within the TDSB stay on budget. We also think it's important that you are aware of our goals and objectives, which is why we'll be posting our annual plans and employee performance criteria.

Changes of this size and importance won’t happen overnight, but we're confident that significant improvements are being made to the way the TDSB is run. With every new decision we make, we now ask ourselves: “How will this make the TDSB a stronger and more efficient organization?”

If you have comments, need additional information or have questions about accountability at the TDSB, please don’t hesitate to contact us.