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Besides being exclusive to the Toronto District School Board, our Directory focuses on risk management vetting and offers the applicable TDSB information and forms. This is why we are moving toward allowing excursions only to vendor venues who are members. For activities considered high risk, this already is the current practice. For non-high-risk considered activities, a vendor would be required to provide all the information requested in our membership application each time a school books your venue. To overcome those inefficiencies, we encourage you to acquire the obvious benefits by becoming a member for both your organization and the TDSB, including:

  • The TDSB is the largest school board in Canada with over 550 schools and 250,000 students. Presence on the Directory will provide direct access to all TDSB trip organizers and educators.
  • Value: Our low cost contains no profit element and is applied to recovering a portion of our administration cost as well as make a vendor selection more efficient for the trip organizer and vendor.
  • Future upgrades to our Directory platform that will allow for additional features, such as photos, video and system alert functionality, which will provide additional promotional options and features for vendors interested in a promotion option.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry guidelines and regulations, such as OPHEA. Our Directory also includes risk management information, procedures and forms applicable to TDSB requirements.
  • One-stop shopping for all approved vendor locations.

What information do we need?

For new members:

Complete and provide:

Rate Description

Basic Fee (mandatory for all applicants)

  • Logo
  • Full description
  • (2) two documents of marketing material/pricing
  • (1) one photo
  • Contact information and website address

Promotion Site Fee (Optional)

  • Logo with identifiable background image
  • Up to (5) five photos
  • Full description to your unique offering/promotion
  • Up to (5) testimonials
  • Up to (4) four documents of marketing material
  • Up to (2) two PDF pricing schedules (optional)
  • Up to (4) four videos


No fee is required if you do not charge TDSB for Excursions to your site. 


For any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions or email the Excursion Directory Team at

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