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Administrative Site Review

The COVID-19 pandemic confirmed that not all Toronto District School Board (TDSB) employees need to be physically present at a TDSB building to fulfill their job responsibilities and deliver services. As such, TDSB has begun the process of an Administrative Site Review. Once the Administrative Site Review recommendations are implemented, there will be three core administrative sites, five facility administrative sites, and a professional learning facility, for a total of nine sites. The administrative site consolidation will contribute millions of dollars to school revitalization to address the renewal and program needs at all TDSB schools.

The Board of Trustees passed a motion on October 21, 2020, that staff reports back on timelines for determining the following administrative or facility site space requirements:

  • Administrative and facility site requirements 
  • Research on best practices in both public and private sectors 
  • Value of current administrative or facility sites 
  • Accommodation options to support administrative or facility site requirements 
  • Use of school space for administrative functions 
  • Financial considerations including operating efficiencies 
  • Fully accessible work locations

The TDSB has two types of non-school sites in its property inventory: those sites that are administrative (i.e., office space) and those that are facility services in nature (i.e., maintenance centres, garages, and warehouses). As each type of property has different operating characteristics and requirements, they will be looked at separately.

We have established an Administrative Site Review Steering Committee to examine all aspects related to the current number of TDSB worksites to identify the efficient use of those buildings and offices. This review includes looking at the most effective ways to deliver services, the flexibility and reduction of staff commuting time, and balancing the benefits of working remotely with the need for in person activities. The Board’s Mission and Multi-Year Strategic priorities will also help to frame this review to ensure effective and efficient service to students, schools, and communities is at the focus and centre of all that we do. We will continue to maintain and improve services across the Board throughout the process of this multi-year project. This comprehensive review will assist the TDSB to determine whether there are current TDSB buildings, or spaces, that may no longer be required.

A report to Board was presented in October 2022; however, implementing such recommendations will not begin until 2023. Implementing the Administrative Site Review recommendations is a significant multi-year project, with work beginning in 2023. The key milestones of the project, are as follows:

  • Board Approval – October 26, 2022
  • Finalize flexible work procedure – January 2023
  • Finalize floorplans – December 2023
  • Construction starts – June 2024
  • Surplus property declaration – September 2025
  • Completion of Construction – September 2028

While this project requires a significant investment, it will reduce the administrative space needs, create a flexible work environment in the remaining space to accommodate a collaborative work environment, and attract and maintain an administrative team focused on services to students, schools, and the community.


The estimated Proceeds of Disposition (POD) of $76.2M - $114.1M from the administrative site consolidation will significantly contribute to the comprehensive school revitalization plan currently being developed. This multi-year school revitalization plan intends to address the renewal and program needs at all TDSB schools, and POD from this project will be an important component of funding to this plan. In addition, this implementation will create more room in the operating budget to support schools and students.


The full Administrative Site Review Report , including recommendations and findings, is publicly available for your review.