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Boys Leadership Academy

We know that many students learn by doing. In this Academy – geared for students in grades 4 to 7 – students learn in new ways that engage, inspire and educate. Through active learning, students develop a sense of personal self-confidence, social justice, community service and global responsibility, setting a strong foundation for leadership.

In the Boys Leadership Academy, students:

  • Learn to cultivate their unique interests and talents 
  • Connect and interact with positive role models and mentors in a variety of situations 
  • Develop critical thinking skills 
  • Engage in learning through technology for creation, communication and collaboration 
  • Participate in performance arts, speech arts, math and science 
  • Become advocates for local community issues and contribute to their school and community with a focus on service and social justice

Students in the Boys Leadership Academy contribute to their communities not only inside the classroom where social justice, leadership and community service are front and centre, but also outside in their community. They benefit from personal mentorship and will graduate with valuable relationships with local universities, colleges, seniors’ groups and businesses.

Students are part of a culture that balances academic excellence with personal leadership, character development and innovation.

The Boys Leadership Academy is located within the Elms Junior Middle School, 45 Golfdown Dr., Etobicoke.