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How to Access Your School’s SLP

To initiate the referral process:

  1. A referral is initiated by the teacher with the consent of the parent/guardian.
  2. Concerns discussed with the Method and Resource Teacher.
  3. Student is discussed with the Speech-Language Pathologist at the School Support Team meeting.
  4. At the School Support Team Meeting, the Speech-Language Pathologist determines if a referral is appropriate. 
  5. Once a decision has been made to proceed with a referral, parents sign a referral form. The completed referral form is then sent to the Speech-Language Pathology Department.
  6. Be patient.  We will do our best to see the student as soon as we can!

Once a referral has been received the SLP will:

  1. Contact parent to obtain Informed Consent and gather information. 
  2. Conduct an assessment, which may include a review of the student's Ontario Student Record (OSR), discussion with teacher, classroom observations, and administration of formal and informal measures with the student.
  3. Determine appropriate programming.  Recommendations will be developed in collaboration with the teacher.
  4. Oral and written reports of the results will be shared with teachers and parents.  
  5. SLP report stored in OSR, SLP file, parent copy and a confidential electronic data base.