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Associate Director, Well-Being, Innovation and Equity

This position focuses on system change, innovation and equity. There are innovative practices and pedagogies having a positive impact throughout the organization. This role will identify and leverage these practices to advance meaningful system change. They will lead the development of a system plans including Pandemic Recovery Plans and virtual learning, undertake and direct system reviews such as secondary and French reviews, that support the success and well-being of all students, as well as enhance and initiate new educational experiential learning opportunities that further the development of global competencies in all students.

The pandemic and evidence from prior years underscores the need to pay attention to the positive development of youth mental health working closely with families and culturally responsive community services. This position will guide mental health and well-being initiatives to ensure that all students, particularly those who have been historically marginalized or underserved, receive the support they need to be academically successful and find a sense of belonging in their school environments. 

Drawing on expertise from research, this Associate Director will guide transformation in all the Board’s academic programming, including secondary school de-streaming, to embrace innovation and pursue new high impact approaches to teaching and learning to benefit all students.

This Associate Director will promote student achievement in two Learning Centres and share leadership with the Associate Director, Transforming Learning and Achieving Equity who oversees the other two Learning Centres, to ensure consistency across the system and establish a school improvement process that is responsive to local contexts but is rooted in achieving equity of outcome, joyful and engaging learning, academic success and well-being by engaging the school community. 

They will refocus community engagement, paying increased attention to strong communication with TDSB’s diverse communities regarding the learning experience and opportunities and success for all students.

See the job posting for this position.

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