Toronto District School Board

Policy Development

The Board of Trustees establishes policies of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). The Board of Trustees created the Policy Review Committee to oversee the development of new policies and to provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

A decision to develop a new policy may be made as a result of:

  • resolution of the Board of Trustees;
  • a new legislative requirement;
  • a new government policy or directive; or
  • recommendation of Executive Council.

Policy development at the TDSB is governed by the Policy Framework (P001) and the corresponding Policy Development and Management Procedure (PR501).

The policy development process consists of six phases:

  1. approval of policy rationale
  2. obtaining Trustees’ directions and drafting policy
  3. conducting internal reviews and obtaining sign-offs
  4. conducting public consultations
  5. obtaining approval of the Board of Trustees
  6. communication and training
The key elements of the policy development process are presented in the Policy Development Process Flowchart.


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