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Renewal Needs Backlog and Facility Condition Index

Parents now have access to a wealth of data on the condition of public schools as the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) becomes, what is thought to be, the first school board in Ontario to post lists of repairs on a school-by-school basis. The TDSB is also publishing each school’s Facility Condition Index, a rating of school building conditions.

What you need to know

  • We are posting this extensive data on our web site to align with our commitment to be transparent with our parents, students and community members. All of this data was assembled by an independent company retained by the Ontario Ministry of Education. However, before now, the data was not shared with the public.
  • We have many older schools. For example, 51 of our schools are older than 95 years, including 7 that were built before 1900. It is because those buildings are so old that their Facility Condition Index is higher.
  • Our Renewal Needs Backlog is approximately $3.4 Billion (July 2016).
  • We are making major investments in our schools (see School Repairs Investment Profile below).

The links on this page will provide you with direct access to the list of repairs required in each of our 588 schools as well as a rating of how soon those repairs should be made. Some of the items that would compromise the security of our buildings were redacted. These items include, but are not limited to, security systems and fire alarms.

Please note: Not one of the repairs listed in the Renewal Needs Backlog represents a health or safety concern for students or staff.

Also, the Facility Condition Index rating does not reflect the safety of a school building.

The public posting of this data will become an annual practice at the Toronto District School Board.

Our 'Find Your School' page is where you can choose the school by name or address. On each individual school web page you will see a 'Renewal Needs Backlog' link in the navigation on the left side of the page. That link will take you directly to the Renewal Needs Backlog (list of school building repairs) and the Facility Condition Index rating.

If your school does not have a 'School Repairs List' link in the navigation, we are working on making that data available. Please check back soon.

Learn more about the Renewal Needs Backlog and the Facility Condition Index, both of which include related Frequently Asked Questions.

Education Development Charges Would Help Reduce Repairs Backlog

TDSB continues to argue for a change to the provincial Education Development Charges (EDCs) legislation to allow all school boards access to EDC revenue for school capital. Current legislation mandates that EDCs can only be used for the purchase of land to support schools in growth areas, not to support the cost of building new schools or renovating/adding onto existing ones. This needs to change to include repairs and renovations to schools throughout Toronto, especially in high residential growth areas. Toronto is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Overlooking the use of EDCs to fund badly needed school repairs is a lost opportunity. With access to EDCs for school repairs, millions of dollars in desperately needed revenue could be used to accelerate school repairs and renovations or replacement of older schools. City planning figures indicate that 275,000 residential units are in the building process, which could generate EDC revenue of approximately $300 million in funding for school improvements.

School Repairs Investment Profile (Provincial Government Funding)

2015-16 - $156 million

2016-17 - $166 million

2015-17 – additional funding announced June 27, 2016 - $257 million

2015-2016 TDSB School Repairs

Current Projects/Highlights

Project Classification Total Expenditures for this Report Total Number of Projects for this Report Total Number of Projects 2015/16 to date Total 2015/16 Contract Awards Reported to Date Current Backlog
1 ROOFING - November 2013 Bulk Tendering for Roofing Supplies (4 separate tenders) and Roof Installations (1 consolidated tender) 104 $20,825,066 $186,473,793
2 MECHANICAL $996,684 7 51 $12,804,142 $1,254,289,040
3 STRUCTURAL / BRICK WORK $722,500 2 23 $21,577,976 $184,578,337
4 WINDOWS 7 $2,966,100 $94,692,929
5 ELECTRICAL $314,121 2 32 $4,801,839 $569,500,021
6 BARRIER FREE $208,500 1 7 $1,141,312 $-
7 PARKING LOTS $559,400 2 7 $1,138,750 $79,234,465
8 FIELD RESTORATION $782,500 4 17 $9,209,254 $302,358,338
9 INTERIOR COMPONENTS / FASCIA / PAINTING $158,730 2 14 $2,090,887 $825,104,680
10 OTHER (FDK, EL4, Environmental Services, Consulting Services) $1,340,264 14 58 $13,432,830 $8,683,048
"We have a $3.4 billion backlog in school repairs but we know that the Province's new investments will make a difference."

- Robin Pilkey, Chair, TDSB

"To support our commitment to openness and transparency, we are posting our school repairs list and the condition rating of our schools on our public website."

- John Malloy, Director of Education

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