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Black Student Excellence

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June 1st Virtual Event - Celebrating Black Excellence: TDSB Launches Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement

Join us for the inaugural celebration of the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement! The first of its kind in public education in Canada.


To view the recording of the Celebrating Black Excellence virtual launch event press play below.


Upending Stereotypes at West Hill C.I. through the arts

The sounds of singing voices filtered out of West Hill Collegiate Institute’s music room. Members of the school’s senior choir were rehearsing with their Dramatic Arts vocal teacher Lizzie Kurtz, West Hill’s Assistant Curriculum Leader of the Arts.


NEW! TDSB Creates New Centre for Black Student Excellence

We are committed to helping all students succeed in the TDSB and providing learning experiences, opportunities and access that keeps students engaged and excited about school. As part of that commitment, we are focused in particular on supporting Black student excellence in the TDSB. Our efforts are underscored by our commitment to human rights, equity, anti-oppression and anti-racism and based on the belief that what is necessary for some, benefits all students.

Our student data has shown that there are gaps that affect Black students. We know we have to find ways to close them. We have prioritized excellence and high achievement for all our students. However, our data makes it clear that we need a system wide approach to challenge and change outcomes specifically Black students. This comes to life through the Strategy for Black Student Achievement and Excellence.

We are focused on impacting access, opportunities and changing outcomes for Black students across TDSB. This support begins with the adults and leadership development. We believe when staff have a raised consciousness of anti-racism, and specifically anti-Black racism, achievement and well-being for Black students will increase. We are also focusing on how we approach pathways and transitions, special education, student discipline and how to build a strong foundation in the Early Years in ways that support Black students.

We continue to welcome key voices from the Black and ally communities to help us consider these realities so that Black students can thrive and reach their highest potential.

How are we measuring success? For us, success means an increase in achievement and well-being of Black students, specifically in:

  • Early Years literacy and numeracy
  • Black students taking academic level programming in secondary school
  • Improved classroom curriculum and learning opportunities that reflect the lived experiences, cultures and histories of Black communities
  • Improved graduation rates for Black students, in particular Black boys
  • A reduction in the suspension and expulsion of Black students, in particular Black boys
  • Improved conditions for learning that supports Black students well-being
  • Increased engagement of the parents and families of Black students

Read the TDSB's Anti-Black Racism Strategy: Mobilization Strategy 2018-2019