Toronto District School Board
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Vision for Service

Our Vision for Service in the Toronto District School Board is to foster a culture that values service excellence and continuous improvement.
Every decision we make supports student well-being and learning. Providing responsive and effective service to the TDSB’s primary clients – our students, their families and school communities - plays a significant role in that. While the work of Business and School Operations departments might not directly impact students, their efforts to build a service excellence culture enables those who are directly responsible for student achievement and well-being to remain completely focussed on serving the needs of students.

This work is closely aligned with efforts happening across the Board in every aspect. Our commitment to equity as the foundation for improving Business and School Operations services enables teams in these departments to use a critical equity lens to create equitable working conditions for all staff and full access to services for all clients. For example, our own identity and experience may impact our ability to provide service excellence unless we are able to confront our own bias, remove barriers, and understand the concept of privilege that might impact how we respond to clients. Using a critical equity lens in all that we do enables us to centre the needs of staff, students, and communities we serve, ensuring we provide barrier-free, fair, respectful, and inclusive services that meet individual needs.
Service excellence also helps build leadership capacity, promotes teamwork and celebrates and recognizes staff, all key areas of focus for the TDSB. This Vision emphasizes the importance of collaboration and engagement to enhance the community and ensure there is trust, high expectations and a sense of confidence that staff have the skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of every client.

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