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Accessibility Standards for Education

The Toronto District School Board is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment which actively promotes and supports human rights and accessibility for persons with disabilities.

The Ministry of Education has provided an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the development of an accessibility standard for education, which will have an impact on the Board.  There are different ways to participate; please see guidelines below.

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The Ministry of Education has provided an opportunity to engage in a survey process for the development of an accessibility standard for education. The following information is taken from the guide:

Engagement will run from May to July 14, 2017.  The feedback we receive will be used to help design an accessibility standard for education. You can provide your feedback in several ways:

  • Complete the online survey:


  • Email your comments to
  • Host your own discussion group using this Engagement Guide.

Five potential themes for discussion:

  1. Accessibility Awareness and Training
    • Ensuring that all members of the school community have differentiated training to provide an accessible and inclusive educational experience.
  2. Awareness of Accessibility Accommodations – Policies, Processes, and Programs/Supports
    • Ensuring parents, students and instructors have access to information about programs.
  3. Information, Communication and Inclusive Decision-Making
    • Ensuring that we hear from students and families experiencing challenges because of their disabilities during the planning processes
  4. Transition Planning
    • Supporting children entering school from child care and planning for entry into post-secondary education or employment.
  5. Inclusive and Accessible Learning Spaces
    • Ensuring that K-12 schools, colleges and universities include accessibility features throughout the built environment.


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