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Minister's Directive on Capital Planning

On 15 January 2015 the Minister of Education provided a list of directives to the Toronto District School Board, including a directive on capital planning (Directive #9). 

At the Planning and Priorities Committee meeting on 28 January 2015, staff provided the Board of Trustees with the following information in response to the Minister’s Directive:

Long Term Program and Accommodation Strategy 

This Strategy is a work plan for ensuring all students have equal access to inspiring programs across the city. By identifying a series of studies that we will do each year, the strategy will give us a better understanding of program and space needs across the system. Most importantly, it is a 10 year vision for education in Toronto that includes a process for engaging the community and bringing annual plans to the Board each year that reflect the evolving needs of our city.

Elementary and Secondary Utilization Data

This data is one piece of the puzzle that staff use as part of the process for the Long Term Program and Accommodation Strategy. The TDSB has not announced any school closures as part of this report. The list provides information on enrolment and building capacity. Should any schools be considered for closure in the upcoming years, parents would be informed of the process and public consultations would be launched.

Elementary Utilization Data
Secondary Utilization Data

TDSB Properties Sold Between 1998 – 2014

Since amalgamation, the Toronto District School Board has sold of a total of 82 properties. Of these, 16 properties were sold by the TDSB before the formation of the Toronto Lands Corporation. The Toronto Lands Corporation has disposed of 66 properties. Approximately 60% of the properties have been purchased by public sector organizations. 

TDSB Schools Closed Between 1998 – 2013 

30 buildings were closed as operating schools between 1998 – 2013. Currently, 19 of these buildings have been sold, 8 are being leased out by the Toronto Lands Corporation, and 3 are being used for TDSB purposes.

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