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Wi-Fi in Schools

Wi-Fi at the TDSB

Today’s learning environments should give students access to tools that are being used and reflective of the world around them. Technology is part of all aspects of the modern world and students must be confident using it and the reality is that our students need access to Wi-Fi.

In the Years of Action plan, we committed to making sure that all students have access to resources to complement their learning. Our goal is for all schools to have Wi-Fi access by 2016.

We completed this initiative in March 2016 and now all TDSB schools  have Wi-Fi access with a ratio of one access point for every 50 students. This also includes heritage buildings and other facilities that were built long before this technology existed. 



How does Wi-Fi get into TDSB Schools?

The TDSB IT Services team completes a wireless site survey for all schools before installing any wireless technology. This survey ensures that the technology is being used in the most secure and efficient locations to provide the best usage to students and staff.

Wi-Fi Safety

Toronto Public Health,  Public Health Ontario, and Health Canada agree that Wi-Fi is safe and that studies show no evidence of negative health risks as a result of Wi-Fi in public spaces. For more information, please visit: