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Boundary Review

Review is currently not in Start stageReview is currently not in Community Engagement stageReview is currently in Board Decision stage
Trustee, Ward 19: Zakir PatelTrustee, Ward 21: Yalini Rajakulasingam
Trustee, Ward 22: Anu SriskandarajahSuperintendent: Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk
Superintendent: Kurt McIntoshSuperintendent: Lisa Dilworth
Administrative Liaison: Melissa Shimmerman (416-396-7484)Administrative Liaison: Marcia Bailey (416-396-9178)
Administrative Liaison: Shannon Meechan (416-396-9196)

Dr Marion Hilliard Senior Public SchoolJasminie Singh416-396-6195
Henry Hudson Senior Public SchoolCraig McTaggart416-396-6310
Iroquois Junior Public SchoolMarcia Pate416-396-6355
Tom Longboat Junior Public SchoolAndrea Chisholm416-396-6610

Meeting(s) - Community Engagement

Board Decisions

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