Toronto District School Board
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Social Work and Attendance Services

School social workers and attendance counsellors are available to every school. They can be contacted through the school principal, guidance department or appropriate social work co-ordinator.

Contact may be made by:

  • school staff
  • students
  • parent/guardian(s)
  • community agencies
  • other student support personnel

The Toronto District School Board recognizes that a large number of non-academic factors can enhance or detract from a child's learning ability. School social workers and attendance counsellors are employed to assist children, families, schools and communities so that students make the most of their educational opportunities.

To reach the social worker or attendance counsellor assigned to your child's school, you may call the Manager of Social Work for your area:

Managers of Social Work & Attendance By Education Office
Learning Centre Name Phone #
Learning Centre 1 Adolph Williams 416‑394‑3388
Learning Centre 2 Rose D'Alimonte 416‑396‑3400
Learning Centre 3 Yulanda Julien 416-988-1587
Learning Centre 4 Nicole McSweeney 416-394-3767