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Donations are gifts of resources or funds to support a specific activity. Donations are not tied to specific recognition, endorsement or other publicity, though it is good practice to thank donors, both privately and publicly for their support.

Monetary Donations

  • Cheque Donations
    The TDSB issues charitable receipts or letters of acknowledgement for donations of $25 and over if paid by cheque. To donate by cheque, please submit the cheque addressed to the “Toronto District School Board”, along with a letter outlining the purpose of the donation, name of school recipient or name of the central initiative (see above), and the donor’s contact information (full name and home address). Please send the cheque and letter to: Toronto District School Board, Attention: General Accounting Department, 5050 Yonge Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, Ontario M2N 5N8. Please do not mail cash.

    Please Note: TDSB will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the intended purpose of the donation. Donations to a specific TDSB school or program will be directed to that school or program if specified by the donor. TDSB will not redirect such donations to another TDSB school, program, central department or fund unless it is a term/condition of the donation. However, if the original purpose of the donation no longer exists, or cannot to be complied with, or if the donation cannot be fully utilized for that purpose, or if the donation violates TDSB policy or the law (e.g., Human Rights Code), TDSB reserves the right to redirect the donation made to other appropriate charitable purposes. All monetary donations to the TDSB become property of the TDSB.
  • Online Donations
    The School Cash Online donations module allows all TDSB schools to collect and track donations made online. Donors will receive a tax receipt for any donation amount. Donors receive their tax receipts via email and they may also retrieve and reprint tax receipts by logging onto the School Cash online website at

All TDSB schools now have access to School Cash Online. Please note that the online donations module is intended for TDSB internal fundraising purposes only and funds collected via this method are not intended for redistribution to other external charitable organizations.

In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations include new goods and items provided to TDSB students/schools with no strings attached. The donor is responsible for providing the donation voluntarily and arranging for delivery of the goods to the school. These types of donations may qualify for a tax receipt. 

If a tax receipt is required, the donor must provide proof of the current fair market value of the goods. A third party appraisal of the goods may be required prior to the donation being made. To make an in-kind donation please complete the In-Kind Donation Vetting Form.

Tax Receipts for Donations

Tax receipts issued by the TDSB are managed by the General Accounting Department. For inquiries related to tax receipts, please e-mail

Donations to School Ground Projects

Donors are welcome to contribute funding towards making improvements to school grounds. Projects can be initiated by local schools and can include features such as tree planting, outdoor seating, simple shade structures, basketball nets, line painting, and paved trails.

Approvals are required prior to the initiation of projects. Simple projects require an On-site Design Consultation, and more complex projects need a Viability Review. Learn more about initiating a project .

Please note that school ground projects can take a year or more to plan and execute, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of projects in the queue. Project costs and timing are typically discussed during the On-site Design Consultation and Viability Review process.

Donate to a School Ground Project (Please select the school in the drop-down menu, then choose "school grounds fundraiser" in the "Initiative" drop-down menu)