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Developing the 2022-2023 Budget

Latest Budget News

June 29, 2022 - At this evening’s Board meeting, Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Trustees approved the 2022-23 operating budget. The $3.4 billion budget includes investments in a number of key areas, including mental health supports, early reading coaches, additional ESL teachers, student safety, resources to combat hate and racism, and technology for students. Learn more.

Previous Budget Updates


The Budget Process

In the spring of each year, the Ministry of Education announces revisions to education funding (Grants for Student Needs) and the amounts that school boards will receive for the coming year. Funding for education is determined through a set of provincial benchmark costs for the major components of education operations, as well as the number of students. By law, school boards are required to balance their budgets by June 30. TDSB Trustees and staff work together to create a balanced budget that best supports the achievement and well-being of all students within the funding provided by the province.

The TDSB’s annual operating budget is approximately $3.5 billion and we are committed to using these resources as responsibly and effectively as possible. However, the funding provided by the government does not fully meet the needs of students in Toronto. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the TDSB budget into next year. Read more about the TDSB’s request for adequate pandemic funding support in Chair Alexander Brown’s letter to the Minister of Education.

As the largest and most diverse school board in the country, the TDSB has a unique set of needs when it comes to what is required to best support our students and communities. To ensure that we continue to support all students, we developed the Multi-Year Strategic Plan to set direction and identify system goals. The focus of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan is to ensure that every student has equitable access to programs and resources, and increased opportunities that lead to success.


Finance, Budget & Enrolment Committee Meetings

The Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee (FBEC) meetings are currently held virtually and broadcast live to the public. Please note, the schedule of meetings below may change during the budget process.

Date Budget Milestone Reports Meeting Webcast
October 13, 2021 Update on 2021-22 Staffing Allocation

School Condition and Capital Update
Agenda Recorded Webcast
November 2, 2021 Ministry of Education Budget Consultation

Update on Pandemic Funding and Costs

Major Capital Projects and COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding status Update
Agenda Recorded Webcast
December 9, 2021 Final Response to 2022-23 Ministry of Education Budget Consultation

Actual Enrolment as of September 2021

2020-21 Financial Position and Reserve Status: Update

2022-23 Strategic Budget Drivers Consultation Plan

2020-21 School Budget and School Generated Funds
Agenda Recorded Webcast
January 13,
2021-22 Revised Estimates Agenda Recorded Webcast
February 16,
Elementary Vice-Principal Allocation Model

2022-23 Enrolment Projections

First Quarter Interim Financial Report: 2021-22

Proposed Strategic Drivers for 2022-23 Budget

2022-23 Preliminary Financial Forecast

Financial Facts: Revenue Expenditure Trends
Agenda  Recorded Webcast
Presentation and Approval 2022-23 School-based Staffing Allocation

Update on Grants for Student Needs Announcement from Ministry (if available)
Agenda Recorded Webcast
Update on 2022-23 Budget Timelines

2022-23 Budget Development Presentation Materials

Second Quarter Interim Financial Report, 2021-22
Agenda Recorded Webcast
April 2022
(Special Meeting)
2022-23 Grants for Student Needs Update and Preliminary Operating Budget

2021-22 Pandemic Funding and Expense Update
Agenda Recorded Webcast
May 16,
Three-Year Projection and Deficit Recovery Plan Agenda Recorded webcast
May 30,
(Special Meeting)
Update on Three-Year Projection and Deficit Recovery Plan Agenda Recorded webcast
June 8,
2022-23 Operating Budget and Three-Year Deficit Recovery Plan Agenda Recorded webcast
June 20,
2022-23 Revised Operating Budget Agenda Recorded webcast
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