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Welcome to the Registrar's Office

This website is in place in order to provide useful and detailed information, which is aimed at ensuring there is clear information available to anyone involved in any of the following types of matters, related to their child's education:

  1. Expulsion Hearing 
  2. Appeal of a Student Suspension
  3. Special Education Appeal

You may contact the Office of the Registrar by any of the following methods:

Telephone Fax E-Mail Mail
416-393-8939 416-204-5471 5050 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario, M2N 5N8

ROLE OF THE REGISTRAR:The Registrar provides support services to the family and trustee panel who will hear your case. Staff within the Registrar’s office are neutral and impartial. They arrange hearing dates, provide information resources, and communicate with parties about other hearing related matters. Note, however, that the Registrar’s office cannot provide legal advice to you.

Dan Nortes, Registrar

Our Mission
To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire
the knowledge, skills, and values
they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.
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