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These documents have been recently developed or revised.
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545B Optional Attendance: App. for a Secondary Prog at a School Out of Area (incl Gr9 Intermed. schools) (93.7 KB) New!
Form re PR545. For more information regarding optional attendance please contact the local school.
545A Optional Attendance: Application for an Elementary Program at a School Outside the Resident Area (73.4 KB) New!
Optional Attendance Form 545A (elementary)
501E Policy Review Process Flowchart (92.5 KB)
Flowchart that outlines Phase 1 to Phase 6 in the Policy Review Process.
501F Policy Development Process Flowchart (109.9 KB)
A flowchart that shows Phase 1 to Phase 6 of the Policy Development Process.
P034 Workplace Harassment Prevention (69.8 KB)
This policy is designed to promote a healthy, respectful and supportive working and learning environment. It highlights conduct that may lead to workplace harassment as well as outlines the system’s shared responsibility in fostering a harassment free workplace.
PR699 Students with Special Needs: Management for Risk of Injury Behaviours (227.3 KB)
To provide guidelines and procedures for managing the safety issues of students with Special Education Needs when safety issues arise. To meet and respond to the extreme behavioural needs of students who are identified as having Special Education Needs. To address the safety needs of staff members who support these students.
PR501 Policy Development and Management (407.5 KB)
To provide a process and instructions for developing and reviewing TDSB policies.
699F Health and Safety Concern Form (62 KB)
Purpose as explained in the procedure (PR) document
699B Ministry of Education Violent Incident Form (77.5 KB)
Purpose as explained in the procedure (PR) document
699P Guideline for Classroom Audits (128.5 KB)
Purpose as explained in the procedure (PR) document
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