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Other French Programs

In addition to the two system-wide intensive French programs (Early French Immersion and Junior Extended French), there are also other intensive French programs offered in individual schools or in a smaller number of areas. Application to these other programs is managed directly at each of the schools. See below for more information regarding the program, catchment areas and admission procedures.  

Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative 

Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative Junior School is an alternative school within the TDSB. Children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 receive daily instruction in French. This consists of twenty minutes per day in JK and gradually increases with each grade to 150 minutes in Grade 6. Admission to this program is managed directly by the school. Please visit the school website for more information

Cosburn Intensive Extended French

This program begins in Grade 6 and offers an 80% model of French instruction in Grades 6-8. This program is open to students in the regular English program. Admission to this program is managed directly by the school. Please visit the school website for more information.  

Middle French Immersion

The Middle Immersion Program begins in Grade 4 and is available to students in Grade 3 of the English program. It offers 100% French instruction in the classroom until the end of grade 6, although some specialist subjects may be taught in English. Admission to this program is managed directly by the school. Please visit the school websites for more information.

Middle French Immersion is offered in two schools:   
Intermediate Extended French (Grade 7 Entry)

The grade 7 Extended French program offers students who have successfully completed three years of Core French the option to enter into a more intensive program in grade 7. These students spend approximately 40% of their day in French classes at the Extended French school. 

The attendance area for an Extended French school is created by "associated" English feeder schools. To locate the Grade 7 entry Extended French school in your area, you must first confirm the English school for your home address, then visit our Extended French Location Finder.

Applications to the Intermediate Extended French program are made the year your child is in Grade 6 for entry in September of Grade 7.

  • Eligible students by home address should complete the application for Grade 7 entry Extended French and submit it directly to the Extended French school by February 2, 2017
  • Parents will be notified of placement by the Extended French School. 
  • Information nights will be held at each school. 


Students who are not in the catchment of a Grade 7-entry Extended French school may apply under Optional Attendance and will be offered placement if there is available space. 


There is no transportation for students accepted under Optional Attendance.


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