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Student Device Program

Starting in September 2021, the TDSB launched a 1:1 Student Device Program for students in Grades 5 and 9. The program offers students a district-owned and managed Chromebook for educational use. This device will be assigned directly to the student and will stay with them over a four-year period, 24/7. Devices will be tracked through the One2One Manager system.

Students will be able to take them home each night, on weekends and over holidays and will be required to bring them to school each day to support their in-class learning. This Board-wide initiative supports learning through technology, digital citizenship and our commitment to equity of access to technology.

Each year, incoming Grade 5 and Grade 9 students will receive their own Chromebook, too, until, by the 2024-25 school year, all students in Grade 5 and above, will have a TDSB-owned device.

Devices will begin arriving in schools September 7th. All students should receive their devices before the end of September. Prior to receiving a device families will need to opt in to the program by completing a Device Agreement. The device agreement will be available through the digital start of the year forms or in hard copy. Families may choose to opt out of the device program and use a personal device instead or choose not to use a device during school hours.

For more information about the 1:1 Student Device Program, please see our Program Overview Brochure & FAQ

Notice of Collection and Use of Personal Information:  Some digital learning tools require TDSB to collect and share limited personal information, such as the student’s name, student ID number, student email, school, and parent/guardian name and email, for the purpose of creating an account to use a tool or service. In addition, TDSB uses the tools to collect personal information in order to facilitate access to school and  TDSB learning resources, including student use of TDSB-owned Chromebooks. This personal information may also be collected and shared to facilitate the administration of school and TDSB programs and student participation. Any content created in and/or stored in a TDSB-provided digital learning tool remains the property of TDSB.

This personal information is collected, used, and shared by TDSB under the authority of sections 169.1-173 of the  Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.E.2 (the  “Education Act”), Part VI of the Education Act, subsection 11(3) and section 20 of the Ontario Regulation 298, R.R.O under the  Education Act to administer the above purposes. This information is retained in accordance with the  Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act,  R.S.O. 1990, c. M. 56 and is disclosed to TDSB authorized staff, school staff, TDSB authorized service provider(s), on TDSB’s behalf, for the above-noted purposes.

Questions regarding the collection and use of personal information should be directed to Kevin Bradbeer, Senior Manager, Client Relations, TDSB IT Services at, or 140 Borough Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 4N6, or 416-436-9223.