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TDSB Excursions Policy

Excursions are incredibly valuable opportunities for students and staff that complement and enrich learning beyond the classroom. The TDSB Excursions Policy (P033) outlines the requirements for organization and execution of out-of-school excursions and field trips within the TDSB.

The TDSB Excursions Policy was revised in 2018. Below are some important details: 

  • The TDSB Excursion Policy (P033) was revised to ensure that it met the May 1, 2018 Ministry of Education’s Memorandum titled: Final Report, Review and Assessment on Ontario School Board Policies and Procedures on Outdoor Education and Excursions Involving Water Related Activities.

  • The Excursion Procedure (PR511) was revised to ensure accountability, accuracy and clear communication. Parents/guardians are notified of any excursions that require swim tests, and are informed if their child has passed or failed the swim test. If they have failed, then the student can not enter the water, but can participate in other rich activities during the excursion. Swim tests results are shared with the principals and superintendent prior to the excursion taking place.

  • The Principal and school must input the swim test results into the new online system (Excursion Management Application) which are also verified by the Superintendent.

  • Excursion Vendor Lists for approved facilities has been created. These locations have been vetted and approved by Risk Management. They also list sites that have not been approved for excursions.

  • Creation of the Excursion Management Application (EMA).
    • This online excursion application, starts with teachers inputting possible excursion opportunities for the students. Once completed, all fields must be completed prior to submission. The principal and superintendent (if applicable) receive a copy of the excursion information. If approved, the information can then be shared to parent/guardians through the online application. If denied, the parent/guardians will not be receiving an email asking for permissions.
    • Information pertaining to the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education have been shared with all teachers, and are integrated throughout the EMA to ensure that all teachers and administrators are up-to-date and have read the safety standards pertaining to any excursion that involves physical activity.