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Caring & Safe Schools

The TDSB is committed to creating school learning environments that are caring, safe, peaceful, nurturing, positive, respectful and that enable all students to reach their full potential.

When a school has a positive climate, all members of the school community feel safe, included, accepted and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions with each other. Our Board conducts School Climate Surveys in our schools to hear directly from students, school staff and parents about their school climate. In late Fall of 2019, students in Grades 4-12, parents, and staff will be asked to complete the school climate survey. The results of the survey allow us to make informed planning decisions about programs to help prevent bullying and promote safe and inclusive schools.

To help build positive school environments, we have a number of prevention programs and caring and safe schools initiatives. To learn more, please read about the prevention programs we offer.

All students are guided by the Board Code of Conduct and are expected to demonstrate respect for human rights and social justice.

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Each year the second and third weeks in September are Caring and Safe Schools Weeks at the TDSB. During this time schools highlight initiatives that promote a positive school climate and celebrate the outstanding partnerships and programs that promote harmony and respect in our schools.

Visit Gender-Based Violence Prevention or Equitable and Inclusive Schools for more information on how we work together to promote positive healthy relationships in our schools.

Learn about what we're doing to ensure our schools are safe and positive spaces, free from bullying.

Want to learn how to become involved in a Caring and Safe School Committee? Please speak with your principal.

Read the policies and procedures that relate to building caring and safe schools at the TDSB. Or read our Caring and Safe Schools Annual Report to find out how our programs are working.

Are you looking for information on our suspension and expulsion procedures? Please visit our policies and procedures section.

Have concerns or questions? Please refer to our Parent Concern Protocol, speak to your principal or guidance councillor or contact a member of our Caring and Safe Schools Team.