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Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest

Based on feedback from schools, community members and Trustees, the completion of an Expression of Interest was included as a part of all CSIP applications, bringing our process in better alignment with the Student Interest Program Policy (P100).

6.3.5 Each type of TDSB Centralized programs/schools will have standard interest-based admissions processes established by the Board, which include a demonstration of active interest or passion, w

Each applicant must submit an Expression of Interest as part of their Central Student Interest Program application. The Expression of Interest must be written / created by the STUDENT applicant and not the parent/caregiver. Please do not send Expressions of Interest to the requested school(s).

Expression of Interests must make reference to or be directly connected to the Central Student Interest Program and the type of program(s) you have applied for.

Please see possible options below.

  • Written submissions (Examples: blog, essay, opinion piece, poem, short story, script, etc.) that refers to the program(s) OR
  • Text-based submissions (Examples: PowerPoint, Canva, Mindmap, etc.) OR
  • Audio or video submissions contain student performance that is connected to the program(s) OR
  • Photographs/ digital versions of student artwork or projects accompanied by a brief description of the work and/or its meaning.

Accepted file formats include: DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or a link to an accessible, shared document/video/file.

To learn more about how to properly share a Google Document, please watch our demonstration video.

Expression of Interest Limits for Applicants to Elementary Programs
Applicants for Elementary Written or Text-based Submission Audio/Video Recordings Digital Artwork
Applicants in Grades 3 - 5
Applying for entry in Grades 4 - 6
Maximum 250 words Maximum 3 minutes Maximum 3 samples of student original work OR Maximum 3 pieces of artwork with the artist(s) identified accompanied by a brief description of how the work has influenced the applicant
Applicants in Grades 6 - 7
Applying for entry in Grades 7 - 8
Maximum 500 words Maximum 4 minutes


All applicant submissions must adhere to TDSB policies regarding Human Rights, Discrimination and Hate. Submissions. Expressions of Interest that contravene these policies will be addressed and the applications will be deemed incomplete.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.