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How do I get involved in the Student Nutrition Program?

How do I get involved in the Student Nutrition Program?

Student Nutrition Programs would not be possible without the involvement of our valued volunteers: parents, staff, students and community members. Every day volunteers provide healthy food for our students and work behind the scenes to sustain programs.

Parent and student involvement is important so that programs reflect the community and maximize benefits for students. This can happen at schools through a Local Nutrition Program Committee (LNPC). The school LNPC meets funding criteria for government grants by ensuring local planning and direction in collaboration with the school principal or designate.

We welcome your interest in volunteering with a Student Nutrition Program. Contact a TDSB Nutrition Liaison Officer for more information.

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Local Nutrition Program Committee

Most Student Nutrition Programs receive city and provincial funding to operate at school sites under the direction of the school principal or designate. Funding criteria include local program planning and consultation. The best way for this to happen is through a Local Nutrition Program Committee. Parent, student and staff involvement is important so that programs reflect the community and maximize impact for students. Contact your NLO (details above) or principal to get involved.

Volunteer Roles in student nutrition

Depending on your school's nutrition program and your interests, there are a variety of volunteer roles to support your school Student Nutrition Program:

  • Getting food to students: ordering, preparing, delivering food.
  • Planning and developing the program through the: Local Nutrition Program Committee or School Council
  • Fundraising and financial accountability
  • Promoting Student Nutrition Program and healthy eating in the school community.

Your creativity and commitment can make a real difference to the student nutrition program at your school.

Training and Support for Student Nutrition Volunteers

Training and support is available for Student Nutrition Volunteers. Your Nutrition Liaison Officer (details above) can offer resources and guidance related to: TDSB policies and procedures, student nutrition guidelines, parent communications, funding and best practices for operation and promotion of student nutrition programs.

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Food Safety and Student Nutrition Training with Toronto Public Health
  • Skills Development (language, organization, teamwork)
  • Understanding the school system and expanding your connections
  • Satisfaction of supporting student success and well-being

TDSB Volunteer Process

All TDSB school volunteers require a police reference check.