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Fit for Life

Fit for Life is designed to physically and mentally prepare students to be able to reach their academic potential. The goal is to improve the health and well-being of our students by increasing their involvement and opportunities to be physically active, resulting in greater confidence, self-esteem, motivation and readiness to learn.

Exercise is fertilizer for the brain…It prepares students to become better learners.” John J Ratey, M.D. 2010

The Fit for Life Challenge is designed to:

  • Physically and mentally prepare students to meet their academic potential and succeed
  • Increase student readiness for learning curriculum content
  • Engage parents/guardians/caregivers to work with school staff to improve their children’s learning
  • Encourage student involvement by providing additional opportunities to be physically active
  • Seek out and expand existing partnership opportunities to nurture a healthy active living community
  • Help students develop the knowledge and skills to make healthy eating choices
  • Empower students with opportunities to develop the  physical and health literacy they need to lead healthy active lives