Toronto District School Board
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Model Schools for Inner Cities

Community Resources

We are committed to ensuring that every student succeeds academically and develops a positive sense of well-being; and that every family and community has access to opportunities and social supports. We recognize that families and communities have varied access to economic opportunities and social supports, and strive to create schools as the hearts of each community where access to educational, social and well-being supports is increased. The Model Schools program is committed to nurturing the individual and collective strengths of students, families and communities. By recognizing and honouring students’ identities and lived experiences in the classroom and larger school community, we can enhance equity, student achievement and well-being for all students.

Model Schools are committed to:

  1. Innovative teaching and learning practices
  2. Providing support services to meet social, emotional and physical well-being of students
  3. Establishing schools as the heart of the community
  4. Researching, reviewing and evaluating students and programs
  5. An ongoing commitment to share successful practice

The goals of Model Schools are to achieve and sustain:

  1. Equity: achieving fairness and equity to ensure the lives and realities of our students are reflected and affirmed. The strategic focus is on closing opportunity gaps and removing barriers to support equitable outcomes for all students.
  2. Community: equitable educational opportunities and adequate school resources to allow schools to become the heart of their communities.
  3. Inclusiveness: an inclusive culture that respects, reflects, welcomes and encourages all students and families
  4. Expectations: high expectations to enable all students to reach their full potential as valuable and contributing members of society