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Community Planning and Partnerships

Community Planning and Partnerships


The Board values cooperative, collaborative, and compatible facility partnerships.  These partnerships benefit the Board, students and community while optimizing the use of public assets owned by the Board.

The Ministry of Education developed the Community Planning and Partnerships (CPP) Guideline to encourage school boards to reach out to community organizations to share planning information with community organizations on a regular basis.  The sharing of information may lead to:

  • Facility partnerships involving unused school space (that is not required for school programs in the short term or medium term) 
  • Facility partnerships in capital projects such as major facility renovations, additions or the construction of new schools.  

Boards are encouraged to ensure that additional efforts are made to share this information with community organizations prior to commencing a Pupil Accommodation Review. 

Partnership Compatibility

Facility partnerships are only be considered in schools where they are compatible and they do not interfere with ongoing school operations or the Board’s long-term operation or capital plans.

To ensure compatibility:

  • Potential partners and partnerships shall be carefully vetted by central staff, the superintendent of education and school administration.  
  • School Councils and/or Student Councils, as appropriate, shall be part of the consultation process that will inform decision making. 
  • The Board shall make decisions about partnerships through the approval of partnership agreements in the form of leases. 

Criteria for Selection

Criteria for the selection of potential facility partners must align with the mission and values of the Board and be based on the following principles:  

  • The values of the Board must be respected.
  • Health and safety of students must be protected.
  • Student achievement strategies must be supported.
  • School board operations shall not be negatively impacted.
  • Partnerships must be appropriate for the school setting in accordance with the mandate of the public school system.
  • The value of the partnerships to students must be considered.
  • All costs must be recovered.
  • Organizations that provide competing education services such as tutoring services, JK-12 private schools or private colleges, and credit offering entities that are not government-funded, shall not be eligible facility partners unless specifically approved by the Board.
  • Both non-profit and for-profit entities may be considered, in compliance with local bylaws.

Programs, services and organizations that support the physical health and mental wellbeing of students, staff and communities have a priority among external requests for space.   

Rooms Available for Potential Partnership

Rooms Available for Potential Partnership List and Map 

Rooms Available for Potential Partnership Live Map 

Capital Priority Projects

Capital Priority Projects List and Map

Pupil Accommodation Reviews 

Pupil Accommodation Reviews

Non-Operating School Sites 

Non-Operating School Sites List and Map

Application Process

After reviewing the Community Planning and Partnerships policy and procedure, interested organizations are required to complete the application form.

Contact Us

For information or questions regarding applying for space under the Community Planning and Partnership policy, please contact Andrew Chua by email at or by phone at 416-394-7277.

If you would like to add your organization's name to our notification list, please contact us.