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The TDSB works hard to support our school communities, and this is especially important as we come together to support those impacted by COVID-19. There are many ways you can support your community, including monetary and in-kind donations. 

To donate, please review the options below. If you have any questions, please email

Please note that the TDSB is a registered charity and donations made to the TDSB are eligible for tax receipts for income tax purposes.  

Information for School Councils:

In general, schools and school councils are not permitted to fundraise for anything that the government funding typically covers.


Every occupied classroom, portable and Wellness room will soon be outfitted with an institutional grade HEPA filter, following the province’s most recent funding announcement. Given this, local fundraising for HEPA units is unnecessary. Please consider other priority areas for school fundraising.

As the TDSB has sufficient inventory of face coverings for students who are unable to bring one to school, there is no immediate need for schools or school councils to fundraise for masks or face coverings for students at this time. 

Where and How To Give

Donate to the TDSB’S COVID-19 Central Relief Fund

Funds donated to the TDSB’s COVID-19 response will directly contribute to the delivery of vital services and support, such as emergency support for vulnerable communities and personal protective equipment for the safety of our students. Designating your gift to the COVID-19 Central Relief Fund allows the TDSB to direct your donation to the highest priority needs in the system during this evolving situation.

All COVID-19 related items donated at this time are for student use only. While the Ministry of Education has provided funding for many of these items, donations will be used as contingency should additional equipment and supplies be required.

As the TDSB has sufficient inventory of face coverings for students who are unable to bring one to school, there is no immediate need for schools or school councils to fundraise for masks or face coverings for students at this time. 

While all donations are greatly appreciated during this difficult time, the most important thing is to follow public health advice and TDSB H&S Guidelines.

Funds donated will be used for the purchase of fanny packs/pouches and other supplies for students.

For in-kind Donations, please fill out the online form, save the changes and email the completed form to Thank you

Below is a description of the in-kind items that can be donated. All items must be new and unused and in original packaging.

The Ministry of Education is covering school boards’ PPE needs, including masks and hand sanitizers. As a result, TDSB will not be accepting in-kind donations of these items at this time.

Donate to Technology in Schools

Donations made to the Technology in Schools Fund will directly support students' computing needs. Due to the amount of devices distributed to families in need during the period of school closures, we require this support to replenish technology in our schools. Monetary donations (and not those in-kind) would be appreciated in order for IT Services to administer a consistent and secure computing environment.

Donate Technology to a school (Please select school in the drop down menu)
Donate to Water Bottle Fundraising Initiative

As of August 2020, approximately 306 TDSB schools have at least one water bottle filling stations and about 273 schools do not have any. In response to COVID-19, the TDSB is funding the installation of water bottle filling stations at the 273 schools so that all schools have at least one. The initial priority will be to install units at the schools in the highest priority neighbourhoods of COVID-19 identified by Toronto Public Health that do not already have a station.

As installations will take time to complete, and temporary measures will need to be put in place to provide students with clean drinking water during school hours. Your donation will help support the purchase of water jugs or reusable water bottles for students in schools that do not yet have a station. Corporate sponsorships are also welcome.

At this time, we do not recommend fundraising for water bottle filling stations as TDSB has already earmarked Ministry funds for this purpose

Please see the list of schools without water bottle filling stations.


For In-kind Donations, please fill out the online form, save the changes and email the completed form to Thank you

Donate to School Ground Projects

Donors are welcome to contribute funding towards making improvements to school grounds. Projects can be initiated by local schools and can include features such as tree planting, outdoor seating, simple shade structures, basketball nets, line painting, and paved trails.

Approvals are required prior to the initiation of projects. Simple projects require an On-site Design Consultation, and more complex projects need a Viability Review. Learn more about initiating a project .

Please note that school ground projects can take a year or more to plan and execute, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of projects in the queue. Project costs and timing are typically discussed during the On-site Design Consultation and Viability Review process.

Donate to a School Ground Project (Please select the school in the drop-down menu, then choose "school grounds fundraiser" in the "Initiative" drop-down menu)
Donate to Student Nutrition Programs

On a normal day, over 200,000 students across our city receive breakfasts and snacks through school nutrition programs. As a result of COVID-19 school closures and the move to virtual learning, many students have not been able to benefit from the program.

Many wonderful corporate sponsors have come together to help cover the cost of food cards, but the need is great. This funding will also be used towards grocery food cards for students participating in virtual schools who cannot benefit from the program on school sites.

If you would like to help provide nutrition support to children during this time, please donate now. On behalf of the children we serve, thank you for your support.

Donate to the Winter Clothing Drive

One in every three children lives in poverty right here in our city and too many children come to school without proper clothing to keep them warm during the winter months. In addition, many TDSB students are new to Canada and this may be their first time experiencing a Canadian winter. 

Winter is a hard time of year for families in need, and when we all come together as a community to solve problems, wonderful things can happen. 

The TDSB holds an annual Winter Outerwear Drive to help ensure that all students have warm winter clothing to get to and from school, and are prepared to participate in all of the fun outdoor activities winter has to offer. You can support our students and their families by making a donation to provide warm winter coats, pants, hats, gloves, and boots. We will accept any new winter outerwear items. Tax receipts are available for these donations.

For In-kind Donations, please fill out the online form, save the changes and email the completed form to Thank you

Donate to the Central Equity Fund

The Central Equity Fund was established in 2003 and was originally used to provide additional support to schools ranked most in need according to the Learning Opportunity Index.

The funds are targeted for students in underserved communities to ensure equitable access to resources. The Central Equity Fund also supports schools that are unable to generate significant donations by minimizing the fundraising gap across the system. These funds may be allocated to program fees and school supplies for low income families, personal items for students in need, technology enhancements, student nutrition and other initiatives relating to equity, anti-oppression and anti-racism.

Method of payment

To donate online, please visit School Cash Online or select one of the direct links above.

To donate by cheque, please submit the cheque addressed to the “Toronto District School Board”, along with a letter outlining the purpose of the donation, name of school recipient or name of the central initiative (see above), and the donor’s contact information (full name and home address). Please send the cheque and letter to: Toronto District School Board, Attention: General Accounting Department, 5050 Yonge Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, Ontario M2N 5N8. Please do not mail cash.

Please Note: TDSB will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the intended purpose of the donation. Donations to a specific TDSB school or program will be directed to that school or program if specified by the donor. TDSB will not redirect such donations to another TDSB school, program, central department or fund unless it is a term/condition of the donation. However, if the original purpose of the donation no longer exists, or cannot to be complied with, or if the donation cannot be fully utilized for that purpose, or if the donation violates TDSB policy or the law (e.g., Human Rights Code), TDSB reserves the right to redirect the donation made to other appropriate charitable purposes. All monetary donations to the TDSB become property of the TDSB.

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