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SEAC Recommendations to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB)


The Education Act [Subsection 57.1(1)] requires every district school board to establish a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). The composition and duties of a SEAC are set out in Regulation 464/97. SEAC's responsibilities include:

  • Making recommendations to the school board in respect of any matter affecting the establishment, development and delivery of special education programs and services for the exceptional pupils of the board;
  • Participating in the board's annual review of its special education plan;
  • Participating in the board's annual budget process as it relates to special education;
  • Reviewing the financial statements of the board as they relate to special education.

SEAC meets on a monthly basis. During these meetings, members identify special education issues and pass motions that contain recommendations for the TDSB.


In 2015, SEAC developed a set of priorities and an action plan, by exploring the following questions:

  1. How can TDSB improve its process for deciding what educational services and supports a child with special needs will receive?
  2. How can TDSB improve the range of educational placements, programs and services offered to students with special needs?
  3. What can be done to more effectively make TDSB education fully accessible, barrier-free and inclusive to children with special needs?
  4. What are the “Big Picture” concerns regarding TDSB’s delivery of education to students with special needs?

On October 5, 2015, SEAC approved its set of Priorities and Action Plan. Click here for a copy of the SEAC document.


On June 13, 2016, SEAC passed four detailed motions recommending ways for the Toronto District School Board to improve the delivery of programs and services to students with special education needs. The motions were shared with the Program and School Services Committee (PSSC) of the Board. The SEAC Chair clarified that SEAC would turn the motions into more specific recommendations during the 2016-2017 school year.

The motions address the following four areas:

  1. The right of parents, guardians and students with special education needs to know about TDSB special education programs, services and supports, and how to access them.
  2. Ensuring that parents, guardians and students have a fair and effective process for raising concerns about TDSB’s accommodation for students with special needs. 
  3. Ensuring a fully accessible built environment at TDSB schools.
  4. Ensuring digital accessibility at TDSB.

Click here for the SEAC Reform Motions document.


SEAC motions are forwarded to the board’s Program and School Services Committee (PSSC), worded as “recommendations” to the board. The SEAC Chair is invited to address PSSC at the meetings about the SEAC recommendations being made. During the meeting, the recommendations are discussed and next steps are determined. Some recommendations may be turned back to SEAC for clarification. Some may be forwarded to the Special Education department with a request for a report back to PSSC on the topic under consideration. Other recommendations may proceed directly to the board for decision.

Readers can check board Minutes (Summary of Decisions) on-line at:

SEAC Recommendations

Recommendations made by SEAC to the board are available below by date and topic. Membership motions put forward applications that have been received from associations or individuals seeking membership on SEAC. Other topics relate to SEAC’s advisory mandate.

Please click on the date to access a copy of the motion.


June 18, 2018 – Parents as Partners Conference
May 7, 2018 – Refer SEAC Parent Survey Report (2018) to all Trustees
May 7, 2018 – Include Special Education Documents in the Special Education Plan
May 7, 2018 – Invite Director and Chair to SEAC
April 9, 2018 – SEAC Elections
April 9, 2018 – Independent Review of TDSB
April 9, 2018 – Association for Bright Children SEAC Membership
March 5, 2018 – Learning Disabilities Association Representative Nomination
March 5, 2018 – Create More Equitable Outcomes for Students with Special Needs
SEAC Motion #6 (January 2018) 
SEAC Motion #5 (April 2017)
SEAC Motions #1 – 4 (June 2016)


June 5, 2017 – SEAC Membership – IAI
June 5, 2017 – SEAC Membership – NE Community
June 5, 2017 – SEAC Membership – NW Community
May 1, 2017 – DRAFT Motion # 6 – Exclusion Policy
May 1, 2017 – David Lepofsky Deputation to TDSB Program and School Services Committee
April 3, 2017 – Special Education Reform Motion 5
April 3, 2017 – Special Education Reform Motion 5 with itemized vote
January 16, 2017 – SEAC Membership
January 16, 2017 – SEAC/Board Communication Process


November 7 2016 – SEAC Membership
November 7 2016 – SEAC Membership NW Community
October 24, 2016 – Budget Consultation
September 12, 2016 – Transportation
September 29, 2016 – Transportation – Chair David Lepofsky’s Deputation to TDSB Finance and Accountability Committee
June 13, 2016 – Special Education Reform
June 13, 2016 – SEAC Membership
May 2, 2016 – SEAC Membership
March 1, 2016 – Written Submission to TDSB Budget and Enrollment Committee
March 1, 2016 – David Lepofsky Deputation to TDSB Budget and Enrollment Committee
February 24, 2016 – David Lepofsky Deputation to TDSB Program and School Services Committee
February 1, 2016 – Special Education Budget
February 1, 2016 – SEAC Membership
February 1, 2016 – SEAC Parent Survey


November 2, 2015 – Budget Consultation
September 21, 2015 – SEAC Code of Conduct
June 1, 2015 – SEAC Membership
April 13, 2015 – SEAC Membership
February 9, 2015 – SEAC Membership