Toronto District School Board
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 Principal or his/her designate are essential in supporting school councils. For information on:

Each TDSB school is required to have a school council made up of the Principal, parents /caregivers, teachers, support staff, students (secondary schools), and community members.  The purpose of the school council is to actively engage parents /caregivers to improve student success.  It also provides a regular opportunity for its members to discuss how to make the school a better place for learning for its students.  The Principal brings important information about the school to the school council.  The school council, in turn, advises the Principal on matters related to the learning goals of the school, the school's policies and procedures, students' needs, activities and resources for students and parents /caregivers, and ways of involving parents /caregivers in the life of the school.  The school council is required to hold at least four general meetings each school year that are open to all parents /caregivers in the school, and a membership election in September.  The elected Chair of the school council is a parent/caregivers of a child in the school.  For more information about your school council, please call your school or the chair of your school council.

NOTE: School Council elections are held for parent /caregiver representatives NOT chair, co-chair, treasurer (School Council executives) etc. School Council By-laws should outline the number of parent /caregiver representatives that will be elected to School Council. To review a School Council by-law sample click here