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SchoolMessenger Roll-Out

Access to the SchoolMessenger platform is now available for all School Council Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs. SchoolMessenger enables broadcast email messages to be sent to the parents/guardians of a local school. The list of parents is automatically updated daily based on TDSB's student information system. Please use these instructions to access SchoolMessenger. Please direct any questions you may have to your school office staff.

A SchoolMessenger Protocol has been developed to govern and to guide the usage of School Messenger by School Council Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs. Principals and School Council Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs are encouraged to review the procedure prior to usage to ensure awareness and understanding of usage requirements.

School Council Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs should contact the school office with any issues that they experience. School staff can then contact the SIS support desk through

TDSB staff can find SchoolMessenger updates here. School Council Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs can find SchoolMessenger updates here.


Technical Support for School Council Chairs - New Process

Effective April 1, 2022, there is a new process for School Council Chair/Co-Chair to receive technical support for the services provided by TDSB (Email, Zoom, School Messenger, Wi-Fi Access). School office staff (P/VP/OA) are asked to view this Service IT article for details.

The new
School Council Chair/Co-Chair Support Site contains a number of helpful resources and should be the first place the School Council Chair/Co-Chair look for “how to” information. If a School Council Chair/Co-Chair has a technical issue, school office Staff are asked to follow these steps: 


  • Log ticket on behalf of School Council Chair/Co-Chair through ServiceIT
  • Share ticket results with the School Council Chair/Co-Chair

Please do not send any School Council Chairs’/Co-Chairs’ technical support questions to the Parent and Community Engagement Office Staff. It is anticipated this new process will provide school administrators and School Council Chairs/Co-Chairs with timely resolutions to any technical issues they may have.


Please call 1-800-920-3897 to speak directly with SchoolMessenger.