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Fundraising Guide

The Toronto District School Board recognizes that school-based fundraising is a local activity, and believes that the goals of fundraising go beyond money to reflect the creative and collaborative efforts of parents, students, teachers and the school community. Underlying these efforts is the belief that it is not the responsibility of parents or school communities to raise funds for basic educational requirements but rather that school communities may raise funds to enhance programs and support school initiatives.

All TDSB fundraising initiatives must be approved by the school principal before they move forward.

When considering any school-based or board-wide fundraising activity, start here – policies & procedures list.

Approved Fundraising and Fun Fair Vendors

View the list of TDSB approved vendors:

If your school wishes to use a vendor that is not yet an Approved Fundraising Vendor, please contact Business Development at 416-395-9694 or

If your company wishes to become a TDSB Approved Fundraising Vendor, please complete the online Fundraising and Fun Fair Vendor Application Form.

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